Incubation Data submittal form


Incubation Data submittal form

Please use this form to send in data you have on your eggs so that this may be added to our master database.

It's very important that the data is accurate, so please only enter data for eggs you are sure of the data.

The data we need is in two parts:

(1) Fresh weight with length and width.  This allows us to calculate Kw values for the eggs.

(2) Date incubation started and date and time pipped.  This allows us to calculate accurate incubation periods to pip.


Email address in case we need to get back to you.

Species common name

Species Latin name     

Fresh weight g

         Length mm
         Width  mm

Date incubation started  DD/MM/YY
Time incubation started  hh:mm 24 hour format, or add am / pm

                       Date pip DD/MM/YY
                      Time pip hh:mm 24 hour format, or add am / pm

Tick here if you want your name to be included in the acknowledgements on our web site for egg data